Hawaii wedding

While planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, it can also be stressful if not following a checklist. Having a friend or loved one to help along the way also takes the stress away.

The Perfect Destination Wedding Is Closer Than Many Imagine

Destination weddings continue to remain popular, and many couples opt for a Hawaii wedding. It's easy to see why, as the islands provide the perfect backdrop for one's big day, and the weather tends to be gorgeous regardless of the time of year. Furthermore, there are wedding pros and Hawaii wedding packages to select from to ensure the day goes smoothly from start to finish. Every couple should put this destination on their list of places to host their wedding, as there are several other reasons why Hawaii is a great choice.

Wedding Styles

People often associate Hawaii with beach weddings, yet this doesn't have to be the case. Couples will find they can have a traditional wedding in a church or plan a garden ceremony. Some opt to hold the event in a hotel ballroom or private venue. The choice is completely up to the couple, as there is something for everyone here. With a number of islands to select from, finding the perfect spot will take time and research, but once this location is found, it will all be worth it.


When planning a destination wedding in an international location, couples need to make certain the ceremony will be legal when they return to the states. However, this isn't the case with Hawaii. Simply visit the department of health or marriage agent on the island where the wedding is to be held and show the appropriate documents. For a small fee, couples find they can obtain their marriage license with little hassle. No blood test is required, although individuals under the age of 18 who wish to be married must present extra documentation.

If you are planning your big day, don't overlook Hawaii as the perfect venue. The islands are well suited for tourists, and guests will enjoy every part of their trip. Furthermore, a couple will find they can hold their wedding and honeymoon in one location. Simply choose one island for the ceremony and another for the honeymoon. The guests can stay on the wedding island while the couple moves on, and everyone can have fun and remember the event fondly for years to come.